Communication – First time communicating it is important to give as much information as possible about the desired project. Contact E-Mail:

Information we need:
1. Client name and surname or company;

2. Delivery address;

3. E-Mail;

4. Telephone number;

5. Type of Furniture (description/sketch, optionally add example images);

6. Room/furniture measurements;

7. Room photos/video/sketch/plan with sizes;

8. Any specific obstructions in the room: electricity installations, outputs, windowsills, windows, doorways, pipes, shafts and similar objects.

After processing information and preparing the offer all the information (estimate, visual/render, xray) is sent to specified E-Mail address.

Projects are calculated in 3D drafting software by selected materials, fittings and connections. Fittings included in calculations are: baskets, rails, LED lights, cabinet lifting mechanisms, organizers, garbage containers and other important elements for the furniture. Additionally we offer to choose appliances from our partner Elux (elementi) and stone worktops from Akmens Dizains. Previously selected or elsewhere selected appliances will need to be listed for technical specifications to fit the furniture. Our furniture estimates do not include appliances, stone worktops and decorative objects for visual 3D renders.

Measurement visits or appointments are organized once the furniture project is approved by the client and the advance payment has been received. Receiving advance payment begins the 40 work day term. From client’s measurements to our own, we have to make sure we have all measurements are accurate with all the likely differences in floor level, wall angles and others. Measurement visits last about 1-3 hours. After the visit the final changes are made to the 3D draft.

When the 3D draft is ready for manufacturing, it’s placed in a manufacturing queue. Once the furniture is manufactured, delivery and installation is organized with the client. Please note that installation can last multiple days!

After a furniture estimate, the client is asked payment information (name, surname, phone number, delivery address or company details) to fill the Advance payment information. The Advance payment needs to be paid for within 5 work days from the retrieval date. Small changes and/or additions to the order can be made within 5 work days from the advance payment date. Changes after 5 work days are for additional cost and extension of delivery term. The advance payment is 70% of the full amount. After furniture installation completion, the final bill is sent for the remaining amount. The furniture order is completed within 40 work days from the Advance payment date!

Warranty for our manufactured furniture is 2 years after finished installation and sent in final invoice. The company does not cover damage to furniture from improper use of unsuitable cleaning agents.




Fitting and material selection determines the service life, but also determines the price. The company has chosen to use only the further mentioned solutions to avoid disappointment in quality. Furniture fittings that we trust are Blum and Hafele. For kitchen solutions we recommend Franke.

The client will likely notice the difference when using furniture manufactured with these chosen solutions. The reliable fitting solutions with our constructive comfort solutions will be a noticeable combination for years. More about mentioned fitting solutions –

Blum website

Hafele website

Franke website

The company works with EGGER, Forner and Rehau materials that have samples at our manufacturing facility. Mostly using EGGER materials the client has a wide choice in color, imitation, glossiness and texture. Additional information about EGGER materials available on their website.

EGGER website

EGGER catalog

EGGER Catalog’s different material codes start with –

W – White materials;
H – Wood texture;
F – Fantasy texture;
U – Single color materials.

Some EGGER materials have additional codes added to their original code, which have other properties –
PG – Glossy material;

PM – Matte material;

ST9 – Standard material code;

ST18-79 – Different roughness surface textures.

EGGER textures