About Us


“GM STYLE PLUS” Ltd, a family business, is formed by Member of the board – Iveta Milbreta. The business that was formed in June 2014 in Latvia, now produces cabinet furniture for homes, offices and commercial premises.

Over the five years we’ve expanded our work to build furniture for a mobile operator chain over all Latvia and Lithuania. The business also works on pharmacy furniture projects and has worked with multiple office and school equipment projects. A big part of orders that GMSTYLEPLUS works with are individual client’s projects for home furniture in Latvia and Sweden.

   Furniture production quality, non-standard furniture (even door and window frame) realization and fast order completion are the defining factors why our partners have chosen to work with “GM STYLE PLUS” for years. The business activity improves every year and order completion usually lasts only 3 weeks from the initial sketch to the final set-up. To ensure good furniture quality and ability to upgrade equipment from 2014, the business has expanded it’s premises to 600m2. Today the workshop is filled with modern equipment: Panel Saw Machine, ABS Edge banding machine, CNC drilling machine, Vacuum press. The business utilizes IMOS software to design and build furniture projects in 3D that later turn to reality. With this software that is adjusted to the workshop’s needs, the workshop is able to fulfill complex orders and give accurate information about the furniture before the furniture is prepared. With the order completion and set-up, comes at least 3 year guarantee. Projects grow, techniques advance and quality increases that evolve the company to where it is. With the constant growth the company can only keep expanding every field and advance more areas. Complex orders are able to be fulfilled in better time-frames and moves towards variable automation.
    Our team is our strength. For the comfort of the team, there is a kitchen resting area with personal wardrobes and cleaning room for workers to take care of their clothes and themselves. With the team’s comfort comes the responsibility to execute each order precisely and with care. The versatile nature and care for it’s projects shows with attested partner co-operation.



Višķu street 2-K7, Riga, Latvia